“I have worked with Marianne Jackson for over 9 years. She is a pro when it comes getting a large group of leaders behind an idea then forging enterprise wide adoption. She has an amazing ability to design forums and events that engage and excite employees. Almost more importantly she can then take that learning and build a communication strategy behind it so it carries over into the every day culture of the organization. Her work helps the company advance their business results. She is smart and creative. I hope to work with her for many years to come.”

Samantha Smith
Owner, Samantha Smith Productions, LLC

“I have had the wonderful opportunity and privilege to work with Marianne over the last 8 years as an external Change and OD Consultant. I hesitate to describe Marianne’s role as that of a Chief Human Resources Executive as she transcends this role to that of a highly intelligent and effective strategic business executive who deeply understands and participates in every aspect of the business in which she is involved. In this approach, Marianne has demonstrated her ability to be a transformational leader and steadfast steward of human capital, always having the best intentions of the organization and the corporate mission at the forefront.

Marianne’s effective leadership courage allows her to look in the face of any leadership challenge all the while keeping her professional poise and sense of humor. She has a keen and genuine interest in the lives and well being of every one of her staff and takes the opportunity to act as a mentor and invest in their development whenever possible. In addition, I have experienced Marianne as a highly ethical and refreshingly ingenious leader – quick to offer a unique perspective or smart alternative approach. I have no doubt Marianne will serve as a pivotal strategic consultant to any organization seeking to add a value to their human capital strategies.”

Maureen Gevertz M.A.
Owner at Maureen Gevertz Consulting

“Marianne Jackson is one of the most innovative and creative leaders I have had the opportunity to work with. She demonstrates the best virtues of business leadership and is a great mentor and friend. She is also an eclectic thinker—always focused on what is best for the business.

I have benefited from countless consults with Marianne and would consistently be impressed with how she good she is at developing strategies that combine business acumen with diverse disciplines such as clinical psychology, marketing, branding, behavioral sciences and micro- and macro-economics. I have learned a tremendous amount from her about strategic change management, leadership and organizational development.

When I was about to meet Marianne for the first time, the recruiter told me that I would discover that she is much more than a Chief Human Resources Officer. After almost four years of working with Marianne, I believe that to be one of the great understatements I have heard in my career.”

Mark Heller
Senior Director, Corporate Strategic Messaging at NetApp

“I’m so grateful for having had the opportunity to work for Marianne. She is, simply put, one of the brightest and most capable HR practitioners out there. She taught me so very much and, equally important, instilled in me the rigor and discipline to follow a process to achieve an overall better outcome. Every day I use the skills that she taught me and even approach issues thinking, “How would Marianne tackle this?”. That is how much she has had an impact on my work.

She’s tough but she’s fair and drives high standards that she expects everyone to meet. Because of this, she gets 110% out of her people. She builds business-savvy leaders because she is so business-savvy.

Working for Marianne was the best career choice I ever made.”

Tom Perrault
Chief People Officer at Audax Health